Margarita María Sáenz

Margarita has extensive professional experience in managing educational, social, and peace-building programs and projects in the public sector, where she was recognized for her leadership style and ability to build highly motivated, successful teams.

In 2015, as the manager of Todos a Aprender, the Ministry of Education of Colombia’s main professional development program for primary school teachers, Margarita led a process of operational and pedagogical reengineering that radically improved the implementation of the program. At SENA, the Education for Employment Agency of Colombia, she led various initiatives to promote and recognize the excellence of the young apprentices, including the international technical skills competition WorldSkills Americas 2014. Prior to pursuing a master's degree in the US, Margarita worked at the Office of the High Counselor for Reintegration (now the Colombian Reintegration Agency) supporting the design and implementation of the reintegration process of demobilized members of illegal armed groups, which has a component of basic skills and vocational education for adults. Prior to joining Enseña por Colombia, Margarita worked in McKinsey's public and social sector practice in Latin America.

Margarita has a BA in Political Science from Universidad de Los Andes, where she was awarded a Magna Cum Laude degree. She holds a Master's degree in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School. 

Enseña por Colombia
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