Maria Marquez

My name is María Márquez, I’m in fifth grade in a public school called high performance school “COAR.” I’m from Peru and I live in the department of Arequipa. Arequipa is a very beautiful city and has a great volcano that is easy to see as soon as you get to the city, it is amazing!

The last year I did a project with a group of classmates. We visited a rehabilitation center, where there were teenagers with risky behaviors, many of them had problems with drugs, alcohol and delinquent acts. We had trainings to learn how to connect with these teenagers, and the goal was to do activities with them that would reinforce their values. This was a positive experience for me and an opportunity for me to identify my ability to connect with these teenagers. I was able to make them laugh, and they felt comfortable with us. I enjoy helping other people and making friends.

I am very happy to take part in the Student Leader Advisory Council and I love the idea of contributing to education as a student.

Student Leader
Enseña Perú