Meet the Student Leaders Participating in the 2016 Global Conference

We are excited to announce the student leaders from across the Teach For All network who have been chosen to present their projects at Teach For All’s annual Global Conference in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria in October. These students and their projects were selected from over 200 submissions to Teach For All’s 1000 Student Leaders campaign. The following are the finalists’ inspiring stories:

1. A group of students from different schools began meeting after school to dance, act, play, and speak about the Colombian city of Chigorodó's harsh realities and created Ten Virus to raise awareness.

2. 18-year-old Beauclaire started a non-profit organization called Cameroon Youth Reform Initiative, which seeks to educate young people about critical thinking and converting their ideas into sustainable projects. Last July, Beauclaire returned to his home country of Cameroon and implemented a three-day pilot workshop series for nearly 40 students aged 13-21.

3. As part of their Project Management class, 12th-grade students in Bulgaria had to develop a business plan for a project. They decided to organize an economics conference, which turned out to be a huge success, attracting over 76 students from other schools; local authorities, including the town Mayor; and members of the European Parliament. The purpose of the conference was to propose adequate solutions to current problems around the Gross Domestic Product and youth unemployment, which was then put into a report that was shared with the Ministry of Education.

4. Shashi is the editor of a Teach For Malaysia-supported book What Students Want. He is curating student-created essays, stories, drawings, and scripts. Through these pieces, students articulate what they want for themselves, their education, and for the future of Malaysia. Despite his young age, Shashi was chosen to lead this project because of his strong leadership skills.

5. 17-year-old Priyanka organized a 10-day internship for students from around the world to live in her home and teach students in various schools in and around her low-income community in Pune, India. At the end of their 10 days, the group put on a showcase with over 100 children.

6. Joshua is a 9th-grade student at REACH Academy Feltham, on the outskirts of London, who has autism. He is part of a frontier cohort of students who have developed outstanding leadership abilities. After learning that a younger student with autism had been receiving hurtful comments from classmates who didn't fully grasp what autism was, Joshua went to speak to the boy's class. He explained to the students what it means to have autism and the impact their words could have on their teammate.

We very much look forward to hearing these student leaders present their projects and leadership journeys and we are inspired by reading over 200 student leadership stories, from 30 different countries. All submissions were reviewed by a group of students, teachers, alumni, network partner staff, and Teach For All staff.

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When students lead, we all learn.