Network Events

Each year, Teach For All’s global organization facilitates a variety of opportunities for network partner staff to exchange ideas, learn from internal and external experts, experience best practices, and problem solve together. These experiences help partners develop the knowledge and skills to build strong, sustainable organizations and advance the development of collective leadership within and beyond the communities in which they work.

Functional Area Conferences

These annual events bring together partner staff members from across the network with similar roles, such as Heads of Recruitment or Chief Program Officers, to build skills and mindsets related to their specific functional areas. Hosted by a network partner, these events offer attendees the opportunity to explore practices, innovations, and challenges related to their work alongside like-minded colleagues from around the world. The host partner augments the experience by facilitating visits to schools, communities, and external organizations that help attendees consider their own work from a new perspective.

Network Learning Trips

Network Learning Trips vary widely in size and purpose, but generally they are smaller and more narrowly focused than Functional Area Conferences, though with similar peer connection benefits.  The smaller size allows for a greater sense of connection and peer learning among the attendees; the narrower focus helps attendees find a more personalized learning experience that they need. A few examples include: network staff members who focus on fostering social innovation among their participants and alumni came together to learn from a social innovation event led by Teach First in London; new Heads of Training visited the Teach For India summer institute as an orientation to that role; and entrepreneurs aspiring to launch organizations aligned with Teach For All’s shared approach have convened as a group with network specialists to better understand how to establish and sustain a partner organization in their countries.

Regional Gatherings

While we firmly believe in the value of learning across borders in the Teach For All network, regional events also play an important role in how the global organization supports partners. Regional identity—whether because of shared language, cultural values, historical similarities, or other factors—can be a helpful foundation for shared learning and collaboration. Our regional events are intended to help network partners balance the breadth of their global learning experiences with the depth of regional ones.

Global Conferences

Teach For All’s annual Global Conference brings together members of the network’s broader community to connect, learn, and celebrate with each other. Each year, hundreds of attendees--including partner CEOs, staff, participants, and alumni; global organization staff; supporters from across the network, external experts; local leaders and community members; and local and international students (the most popular guests)--gather to share the experience of deeply exploring a critical theme while being immersed in a partner’s local context.