Agents of Change: Building a Vision for Mexico

Faolan Jones

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“When PEMs (Profesionales de Enseña por México) go to their communities, they need to understand the context—the strengths, and the areas of opportunity—and achieve an impact in the areas where it is most needed.”  

— Marta Pujado Morato, Tutor, Enseña por México


A nation with tremendous potential to expand and improve educational opportunity for its youth, Mexico also faces a diverse range of challenges. With 53 million citizens living beneath the poverty line and unique challenges impacting different local contexts, it’s not easy to identify clear solutions that work nationwide. What role does education need to play in ensuring all Mexicans are able to realize their collective potential, unlimited by these contextual challenges? How can education leaders bring about a change that unifies rather than divides? These are the questions facing Enseña por México.

For Enseña por México CEO Erik Ramirez Ruiz, the key is embracing the idea that Mexico's diverse challenges require solutions from many different perspectives. His goal is for Enseña por México to collaborate with multiple actors in the system to determine together how they can become part of the solution. At the center of this approach are the PEMs, whose role Erik describes as "much more than just teaching classes.”

"They are agents of change...who have to involve other teachers as well as parents to make changes in their schools. They need to be leaders who help others become more powerful in order to transform Mexico.”