Alumni Community of Practice in Education Policy Launches

This month, Teach For All launched its first Global Community of Practice in Education Policy in Lima, Peru. The Community of Practice (CoP) brings together a group of 26 network alumni from 13 countries who are currently working in ministries of education, international think tanks, and non-profit organizations, where they lead initiatives in designing, implementing and influencing global and national education policy. The CoP was created to deepen the global network’s education policy knowledge, and accelerate local impact through strengthening collaboration, capacity, and learning across borders.

The members of the Education Policy CoP met for the first time in Lima, where they spent four days immersed in conversations about global and local education policy and leadership. The group engaged in discussions with experts including the Minister of Education of Peru, Marilu Martens; Senior Researcher at GRADE, Hugo Ñopo; the OECD’s Director for Education and Skills and Teach For All Board member, Andreas Schleicher; and Senior Consultant at CLA Consulting, Stefan Reich. CoP members also visited public schools in Lima, where they engaged with school leaders, teachers, and students.

Throughout the next 12 months, the alumni will provide advice and support to each other as they focus on specific policy-related projects related to their work, in areas including parental and student involvement, teacher training and career pathways, expanding educational access, and education sector innovation. By exchanging ideas, challenges, and solutions, the CoP will strive to generate greater individual and collective impact.

Examples of CoP members’ projects include: increasing parental involvement and strengthening school-parent partnerships in Malaysia; developing quality benchmarks for teaching in Peru; significantly reducing the number of out-of-school children and improving education equity and inclusion in Pakistan; and addressing the imbalanced rate of suspensions and expulsions for girls of color in the U.S. by bringing their voices into policy discussions.

In addition to the Education Policy CoP, the network supports Alumni Communities of Practice in the areas of School Leadership and Teacher Development, as well as a CoP for network partner staff working to support alumni pursuing social innovation initiatives. Watch the video to learn more.