Alumni Journeys: Meet Two School Leaders with Bold Visions for Their Students

What do alumni of Teach For All network partners do after completing their teaching commitments? More than 70% continue to work in education or with under-resourced communities. Many network alumni go on to become career educators, while others, informed by their experiences as teachers, work to improve outcomes and expand opportunity outside of the classroom. Among the pathways many alumni pursue is school leadership—in schools where they've taught, schools in similar communities, or new schools that they create in partnership with local stakeholders to address the needs of students and families.  The alumni of Teach For India and Teach First Israel featured in the videos below have taken different journeys to school leadership, though they share a deep commitment to, and ambitious vision for, their students.

Soumya Jain, Teach For India alumnus and founder of iTeach Schools

Teach For India alumnus Soumya Jain started iTeach Schools to address the lack of public English Medium (English language) secondary schools in Pune, India. Since its launch in 2015, iTeach has built six schools and currently impacts 1200 children who might have otherwise dropped out or been unable to continue their education in English.  iTeach partners with local government officials, parents, and other NGOs to ensure its  students are receiving a quality education that will prepare them to be leaders in their community and beyond.

Lihi Gross-Avital, Teach First Israel alumna and school principal

Teach First Israel alumna Lihi Gross-Avital taught for six years in a low-income community in Israel. Now as a school principal, Lihi is working with veteran teachers in a school where the population is changing. After conducting surveys and focus groups with the students, Lihi and her team developed a new vision that focuses on the students’ sense of belonging to the school and community. Today, Lihi, the teachers, and the students are working together to reimagine education at their school.

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