Celebrating Five Years with the Credit Suisse Global Citizens Program

Last month, Teach For All CEO Wendy Kopp joined Credit Suisse employees in Hong Kong to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Credit Suisse’s Global Citizens Program. It was also an opportunity to highlight the many ways in which Teach For All and its network partners around the world have benefitted from our partnership with Credit Suisse.  

Since 2009, Teach For All’s strong partnership with Credit Suisse has supported the work and accelerated the impact of the network in expanding educational opportunity.  Credit Suisse currently serves as Teach For All’s champion of scale, enabling Teach For All’s Scale and Organizational Development teams to work closely with network partners to increase the number of teaching participants they field, grow their cohorts, and build public and private sector support for educational equity. Credit Suisse’s contributions have been critical to ensuring that programs around the world are positioned to respond to the magnitude of educational need in their countries.

In addition to this core and important support, Credit Suisse’s Global Citizens Program has helped to improve some of the most important functions of Teach For All’s partner organizations. A skills-based volunteering initiative, the Global Citizens Program aims to assist non-profit organizations in the education and microfinance fields in building their capacity to address global challenges by partnering Credit Suisse employees with a program in need of their expertise. Credit Suisse has facilitated 170 such connections since 2010, 56 of which have been with Teach For All partner organizations. These organizations have benefitted from senior Credit Suisse employees’ guidance in team building, long-term organizational planning, finance, marketing, and other areas they might not otherwise have the skill or capacity to prioritize.

“These are not small projects,” Wendy Kopp said of the Global Citizens’ assignments. “The work they do, usually in a one or two week period, can dramatically change the way these organizations operate.” And these projects have long-lasting influence. As Teach For Australia’s Chief Operating Officer Kallie Rougos explains, Credit Suisse employees’ contributions during their time on the ground serves as a “slingshot,” accelerating local organizations’ growth and impact.

At the same time, Credit Suisse’s Global Citizen volunteers have been able to gain experience in new contexts and develop leadership skills as they learn about Teach For All’s partner organizations and deliver projects in a compressed timeline—anywhere from one week to three months.

As a part of Credit Suisse’s five-year commemoration of the Global Citizens Program, Kopp joined Patrick Stillhart, a Philippines market expert with Credit Suisse and an alumnus of the Global Citizens Program, who spoke about his long-time relationship with Teach for the Philippines and his recent experience working to improve their development strategy and donor communications. He even held a public speaking workshop for staff.

Teach for the Philippines Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Clarissa Delgado calls Stillhart an adopted member of her team and said he continues to support their work. In the process, he has developed a deep understanding of the realities of the Philippine education system and its challenges.

Teach For All is deeply grateful for Credit Suisse’s ongoing partnership and commitment to our efforts. Congratulations, Credit Suisse, for five years of an incredible Global Citizens Program!