Celebrating Our Inspiring Young Leaders

This week, 10 representatives of the Teach For All community were recognized for their innovative leadership in the field of education in two high-profile publications: Forbes and Semana.

In all, nine Teach For America alumni were named in the “Forbes 2014 30 Under 30 Education” list, for demonstrating the passion and entrepreneurial spirit necessary to make a lasting impact on the communities they serve. These game-changing edupreneurs include: Katie Beck (2008), COO, 4.0 Schools; Dan Carroll (2009), Cofounder, Clever; Alejandro Gac-Artigas, Founder, Springboard Collaborative (2009), Elliot Sanchez (2008), Founder, mSchool; Beth Schmidt (2007), Founder, Wishbone, Mandela Schmacher-Hodge (2008), Director, Startup Weekend Education; Evan Stone (2007) and Sidney Morris (2007), Co-Founders, Educators 4 Excellence; and Caryn Voskuil (2009), Manager, School Model Innovation, Rocketship Education. 

In its own “30 Menores de 30” list, the Colombian publication Semana lauded the “meteoric career” of Enseña por Colombia CEO, Veronica Puech, who is included among the Lideres Comprometidos Con el Mañana (Leaders Committed to Tomorrow). Just 30, Puech worked with Colombia's Early Childhood Education Ministry and Save the Children before launching Enseña por Colombia in 2011.

Fostering a network of leaders who are committed to increasing educational opportunity for all children is fundamental to Teach For All's longterm vision, and we're inspired to see this vision in action around the world thanks to the innovation and dedication of outstanding young leaders like these. We congratulate them on this well-deserved recognition of their creativity, commitment, and impact.

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