Changing the Narrative in Africa: Teach For Ghana, Teach For Nigeria, and Teach For Uganda

Approximately 10.5 million Nigerian children are not in school, and 60% of those who do attend primary school aren't learning. In Uganda, 70% of children who enroll in school drop out before completing their primary education. And in Ghana, 91% of students in grade two can't read a word of English or their native language.

Teach For All’s network partners in Africa are working to change these statistics. Within the last three years, Teach For Ghana, Teach For Nigeria, and Teach For Uganda have launched with a shared vision of cultivating a generation of leaders who are grounded in the needs and strengths of local communities and committed to driving sustainable, long-term change within and beyond the classroom. In this video, the CEOs of these organizations discuss their work developing the collective leadership necessary to ensure all children in their countries have the education, support, and opportunity they need to thrive.

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Educators across the Teach For All network are helping students stay safe and continue to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.