Deutsche Post DHL Group Receives 2015 Tiger Award

This week, Teach For All presented Deutsche Post DHL Group with the second annual Tiger Award during its 2015 Global Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. The Tiger Award honors supporters who, through their commitment to Teach For All's mission of ensuring all children have the opportunity to achieve an excellent education, have had profound impact on the network and its partners.

Teach For All's CEO and Co-founder Wendy Kopp called Deutsche Post DHL Group’s partnership “transformational” and highlighted the far reach of the impact of its support. “Five years ago, Deutsche Post DHL Group made a commitment to our global network which has had a real and visible impact—providing resources to Teach For All and 11 network partners and signaling to others that an investment in education is an imperative all companies should prioritize as they consider how to build a more inclusive, prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable future.”

Since Deutsche Post DHL Group first partnered with Teach For All in 2010, the global network has grown from less than a dozen to more than 35 partners, progress that would not have been possible without the company’s steadfast support. As one of Teach For All’s largest corporate donors, Deutsche Post DHL Group’s commitment has enabled Teach For All to help partners scale their programs, deepen the effectiveness of their participants and alumni, and evolve into thriving, sustainable organizations—all key factors to building the leadership pipelines that are essential to ensuring that all children around the world can fulfill their potential.

Beyond financial contributions, Deutsche Post DHL Group encourages its employees to exemplify their mission of “living responsibility” by engaging directly with Teach For All network partners. In 2014 alone, approximately 1,400 Deutsche Post DHL Group employees participated in more than 100 partnership activities.

"The partnership aims at supporting children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to attain an excellent education, develop their potential, and enhance their employability," Frank Appel, CEO of Deutsche Post DHL Group, said. "As one of the world’s largest employers, we rely on access to skilled and qualified employees around the world. Education is a key factor in determining Deutsche Post DHL Group’s overall productivity and innovation capacity. Moreover, in today’s rapidly changing world, education contributes to greater stability and prosperity—both for individuals and for the societies and markets in which we conduct business."

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