DPDHL Group and Teach For All: A Hands-On Partnership

Since the launch of the partnership in 2011, Deutsche Post DHL Group’s support of Teach For All and select network partners has also included opportunities for DPDHL Group employees to be actively engaged in their company’s goal of living responsibility and commitment to education. Throughout the year, in now 11 countries around the world, DPDHL Group employees directly engage with the staff, participants, alumni, and students of Teach For All partner organizations. While several of these activities occur during DPDHL Group’s annual Global Volunteer Day—which will be taking place in many parts of the world in September—employee engagement extends far beyond a single day’s events.

During the school year, field trips to DPDHL Group facilities are an exciting opportunity for teachers to expose their students to the business world. In July, for example, 24 students of an Enseña Chile participant visited a nearby DHL Supply Chain facility in Santiago, where employees taught them about logistics, shared a bit about their own professional trajectories, and learned about the students’ future aspirations. That same month, halfway around the world in Malaysia, Teach For Malaysia Fellow Benny Tan took his students to visit their local DHL Malaysia office, where they were given a tour and explored professional pathways with employees. Similar class trips are arranged throughout the year in cities around the world where partner organizations are based.

Sometimes, it’s the DPDHL Group employees who take the field trips—to the schools and classrooms of Teach For All network participants. In the past few months, employees have visited classrooms led by participants of Teach For Bangladesh, Enseña Ecuador, Teach For India, and EnseñaPerú. Throughout the fall, students in Germany, Malaysia, the UK and more will welcome DPDHL Group staff members into their schools for read-alouds, workshops, art competitions, and other interactive activities. Employees also visit Teach For All partners’ Summer Institutes, to discuss topics such as leadership development and employability.

In Germany, Global Volunteer Day activities kicked off in June this year. There, Teach First Deutschland staff members collaborated on workshops with their DPDHL Group colleagues that were held during the company’s Communications and Responsibility event in Berlin. Topics including branding, communications, and strategy were discussed among the employees of both organizations. Elsewhere, DPDHL Group team members volunteered their time to participate in beautification projects at three Teach First Deutschland schools, while another group of employees was given a guided tour by the students of a Teach First Deutschland Fellow. Both organizations are looking forward to participating in additional Global Volunteer Day activities in September.

As Global Volunteer Day approaches in many other regions of the world, network partners and their local DPDHL Group liaisons are collaborating closely on developing activities that will have the greatest impact on participants, students, and schools. In Malaysia, DHL Malaysia employees are planning “Adopt a School” activities with two schools where Teach For Malaysia Fellows teach. DHL Philippines and DPDHL Group UK staff members will soon be preparing to lead classes themselves, as part of Teach for the Philippines Week and Teach First’s Guest Teacher series. At the Fe y Alegria School in Lima, DHL Peru employees are planning a beautification project, among other activities. Follow these and other partnership activities on social media, using the #GOTEACHFORALL hashtag.

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