Enseña Chile Hosts Global System Change Conference

“How do you create a culture that allows great teaching to happen? Great culture comes from great leaders.” – Mike Feinberg, Co-Founder, KIPP

The Teach For All Global System Change Conference is taking place from April 3-5 in Santiago, Chile, where network partner Enseña Chile will celebrate its fifth anniversary on Saturday. Members of the Teach For All community from 16 partners have gathered for the three-day event, from long-standing founding organizations Teach For America and Teach First, to new partners Teach For Thailand and Teach For Belgium. Featured speakers and panelists include network alumni such as Kaya Henderson, Tim Daly, Veronica Palmer, Chaitra Murlidhar, Juan Paulo Sanchez, and Max Ortuzar, who are impacting their nations’ educational landscapes as school, system, and community leaders.

Teach For America alumnus and KIPP co-founder Mike Feinberg kicked off the conference on Thursday with “Beyond Z,” an inspiring keynote speech that began with the acknowledgement that in the US and around the world, “We hold different expectations of our children dependent on the place of their birth.” With just 8% of the poorest quartile of US students graduating college compared with 82% of the wealthiest, the opportunity gap is profound—a problem shared by many countries across the globe. To bridge this gap, Feinberg believes in a simple recipe: “Great teaching, and more of it.” Strong leaders, high expectations, and the development of character strengths are also among the pillars of the KIPP approach, which, with a network of 141 schools in the US and growing, is now inspiring the creation similar models in countries as diverse as India and Chile through the newly-established One World network.

With Chile’s student protest movement as a backdrop, student leadership is also a focus of the conference. Panels and workshops led by Chilean student activists and network alumni who have launched inititiatives fostering student leadership, including Tomas Despuouy (Enseña Chile), Agustina Faustin (Enseña por Argentina), Zeke Cohen (Teach For America), and Arhan Bezbora (Teach For India), will frame the discussion on Friday morning. 

On Saturday, conference attendees from across the Teach For All network will join the staff, participants, alumni, and friends of Enseña Chile in celebrating the organization’s fifth anniversary with events led by CEO Tomás Recart at Liceo de Maipú.

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