Enseña Ecuador Joins the Network

Enseña Ecuador, Teach For All’s 31st partner, officially joined the network earlier this month. The organization, led by CEO Juan Carlos Pérez Borja, joins the network’s five other partners in the Latin American region: Enseña por Argentina, Enseña Chile, Enseña por Colombia, Enseña por Mexico, and EnseñaPeru.

In Ecuador, most children start off in school, but many drop out along the way—while there is an almost 100% matriculation rate for primary schools, only 70% of those children move on to high school, and just 30% go on to attend a university. In this context, inequality is rooted in both geography and socio-economics. Children born in Ecuador’s rural areas have (on average) four fewer years of schooling than those born in urban areas, and the country's wealthiest students have (on average) eight more years of schooling than its poorest.

After learning of Ecuador’s educational inequities as a high school student, Juan Carlos's interest in his country's education system continued to grow. As a college student in the US, he was inspired by the Teach For All model, and became convinced that its focus on leadership could become a powerful tool in transforming education in Ecuador. In 2012, Juan Carlos returned to his home town of Quito to build a strong team of collaborators who share his mission. The team started recruitment in September 2013, and will place Enseña Ecuador's first 25 Jóvenes Líderes in high need schools in Quito beginning in September 2014. 

Bienvenida Enseña Ecuador! The Teach For All network looks forward to learning from your successes and challenges.