Enseña Uruguay Joins the Network

We’re excited to announce that Enseña Uruguay has joined the global network, becoming the seventh organization in the Latin America region and our 35th Teach For All partner. Led by CEO Juan Martín Fernandez, Enseña Uruguay will be recruiting its first cohort of teachers, or “PEUs” (Professionales de Enseña Uruguay) from September-November 2014 and will begin placing teachers in classrooms for the start of the school year in early 2015.

In Uruguay, where 75% of those living under the poverty level are under 18 years old, the quality of education children receive is largely determined by factors beyond their control, such as the communities in which they live and their family background and income level. In addition to this disparity, Uruguay’s education system is challenged by high repetition and drop-out rates— just 37% of the nation’s students complete their secondary education, one of the lowest percentages in Latin America. For children from poor households, however, the likelihood of finishing high school is a mere 6%.

Enseña Uruguay aims to help close this educational gap and to ensure the essential right of all young people in Uruguay to receive a quality education. The organization’s vision is to highly impact dropout rates, so that within 20 years 95% of students will complete their basic education and 75% will graduate from high school. To address the challenges of student retention, Enseña Uruguay’s focus will be initially centered on the public secondary education system. Participants will be placed in secondary schools that serve low-income urban children in the cities of Montevideo and Canelones, where they will teach subject areas with a high need for qualified teachers, including general science, chemistry, physics, biology, Spanish and English.

At Teach For All we’re thrilled to welcome Enseña Uruguay to our global network, and we look forward to learning from their progress and innovative solutions to expanding educational opportunity to all students in Uruguay.

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