Find Your Light: Exploring an Excellent Education

Faolan Jones

Two years ago 60 Teach For India students started on a journey tasked with the mission of 'finding their light,' exploring their full potential, and showing the world what they could achieve given the right opportunities. The result is a spectacular musical production called Maya and a game changing exploration of what an excellent education can look like when you integrate values and mindsets, exposure and access to the arts, and rigorous academics.

For two years the Maya students dedicated their evenings to an integrated curriculum of reflection, debate, performance arts, and academics. Every class was designed in a way that provided space for students to deeply connect to what they were learning on a personal level.

This curriculum took students on a journey of personal and collective exploration of who they are, who they want to be, and what it means to share who they are with the world around them. Students explored what it means to exist with others, how the relationships they build with each other can reveal, reflect, magnify, and sustain each individual's unique potential, and how collectively they can shine brighter. The journey also allowed students to explore what it means to exist in our world, with its challenges, opportunities, realities and mysteriesand what it means to change it.