Forbes Recognizes Teach For All Network Alumni in Europe

In Forbes Magazine’s recent 30 Under 30 Europe issue, three Teach For All network alumni were recognized in the Social Entrepreneurs category. Informed by their experiences teaching in high-need classrooms and communities, these alumni of Teach For Bulgaria, Empieza por Educar (Spain), and Teach First (UK), have been recognized for their efforts to effect systemic change and ensure social justice for young people in their countries. Meet the Teach For All alumni honorees of 2017:


Emiliyan Kadiyski, co-founder of Vratsa Software Community 
(Teach For Bulgaria — 2011) 

Emiliyan (Emo), one of the three co-founders and honorees of Vratsa Software Community, is a Teach For Bulgaria alumnus. Emo and his colleagues founded the organization in one of the poorest regions in Europe, where there is a large skills gap in the area of technology. Vratsa Software Community provides quality technical education through coding courses and events, and has a mission to help the town of Vratsa—where Emo grew up—evolve into a regional technology hub.  The group has also won the Reach for Change social entrepreneurship competition and received a Google RISE award.


Quim Sabria, co-founder of EDpuzzle
(Empieza por Educar — 2011)

Quim, the CEO and one of the four co-founders of EDpuzzle acknowledged in the Forbes list, is an alumnus of Empieza por Educar, Teach For All’s network partner in Spain. EDpuzzle is driven by the vision that by 2020 every student and teacher will be just a “click away” from having access to an excellent education in their own language. The team developed video editing and analytics tools that help teachers better engage students and track comprehension of class material. The company has raised almost $4 million in funding to date.  Learn more about Quim and Edpuzzle.


Josh MacAlister, Founder and Chief Executive of Frontline Inc.
(Teach First — 2009) 

Teach First Ambassador (alumnus), Josh, founded and leads Frontline—a two-year leadership program that takes  outstanding college graduates and trains them to become social workers for children. The program combines a residential training component with academic instruction to prepare participants for the realities of the field. In the coming year, Frontline is doubling the size of its incoming class of future social workers.

Congratulations to Emo, Quim, and Josh for their ongoing commitment to expanding opportunities for all children. We look forward to continuing to follow their exciting projects and those of their fellow network alumni around the world.

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