Fortune Magazine Profiles Wendy Kopp

“The same challenges Kopp identified in the U.S. education system—underfunded schools, poorly trained teachers, a disconnect between private sector needs and public school performance—plague education around the world. Meanwhile, globalization has pushed companies to recruit worldwide and has raised the stakes for education.”

Alongside its list of the business world’s “50 Most Powerful Women,” the October 28 issue of Fortune Magazine includes a profile of Teach For All Co-Founder and CEO Wendy Kopp. Editor Patricia Sellers chronicles Wendy’s journey from founding Teach For America 23 years ago with her Princeton University senior thesis as a framework to co-founding Teach For All in 2007 in response to social entrepreneurs from around the world seeking to adapt the model to address educational inequity in their own contexts.

In addition to highlighting Wendy’s own trajectory, the profile shines the spotlight on the visionaries behind other network organizations, including Teach For India’s Shaheen Mistri and Teach For China’s Andrea Pasinetti. Leaders like these are the key to a program’s success, Wendy Kopp contends. "When that person is determined enough to make this work, it works." 

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