Fostering Entrepreneurialism and Growth in the Americas

In April, Teach For All convened education leaders from across the Americas to explore the value of sharing regional insights and the best ways to scale thriving programs. The meeting concluded with a panel of experts including Luis Enrique García, Vice Minister of Education, Government of Colombia; Felipe Medina, Chairman of the Board of the Transforming Philanthropy Initiative; Franco Mosso, CEO and Co-founder, EnseñaPerú; and Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-founder, Teach For All. Moderated by Amada Ripley, the panel delivered thoughts about what is most important as we continue to strive for educational equity in the Americas. 

This video shares key insights from Luis Enrique García (a member of Enseña por Colombia’s founding team), who brings a unique perspective having worked both as an entrepreneur and a public leader. In the video, he shares why it is important to maintain and foster an entrepreneurial ethos, regardless of where you are working; and how organizations can align themselves toward ambitious long-term goals, while at the same time realizing that to reach these goals they need to focus on making tangible, incremental progress.