Gbenga Oyebode Named Chair of Teach For All’s Board of Directors

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Gbenga Oyebode MFR as the Chair of Teach For All’s Board of Directors. Mr. Oyebode is the co-founder and former chairman of Aluko & Oyebode, one of the largest integrated law firms in Nigeria.  

“We’re so lucky to have Gbenga Oyebode’s leadership and perspective, especially during this era that is both fraught with growing challenges and full of new possibilities,” said Wendy Kopp, CEO & CO-founder of Teach For All. “He brings deep commitment to improving education and developing leadership, as well as experience and perspective rooted in sub-Saharan Africa, which is our network’s fastest growing region.”

Mr. Oyebode was introduced to the network through Teach For Nigeria, whose Board he chairs. “I remember in the early days, my passion for education made it a no brainer. I liked the focus on leadership that was part of the Teach For All philosophy,” he shared, noting that the opportunities to visit classrooms across the network have made him all the more passionate about the global network.   

”One of the things that really got me going was the visits to the schools, and how the experiences in these schools in the rural parts of Nepal were no different from my experiences visiting Kaduna in northern Nigeria,” he said. The visits, he explained, were a demonstration of “how the message of Teach For All is literally a universal message. One that is fit for purpose around the world, in underserved communities, in rural communities, and where the aspirations of the students and the teachers who work in these schools are pretty much the same.”

Since joining Teach For All’s Board of Directors in 2017, Mr. Oyebode has made significant contributions, including serving as a member of our Finance and Audit committee, providing strategic guidance on our work across Africa and globally, and serving as Teach For All’s Vice-Chair of the global Board of Directors. He also serves on a number of other Boards, including those of the Ford Foundation and the Africa Philanthropy Forum, among others.   

Mr. Oyebode takes over the role of Chair from Paul Fletcher, who served in the role for five years and is continuing to serve as a member of the Board. His assumption of the role of Board Chair coincides with the Teach For All network’s 15th anniversary, providing a unique moment for both reflecting on the past and envisioning the future.

“I look at the growth across the world, the almost unbelievable growth that I see, and the fact that there's a pipeline of countries that are looking at becoming members of the network,” he  shared. “And obviously the next 15 years will be as challenging as the first 15, but I look forward to them with pride because there is a template as a platform. I follow in the footsteps of Paul Fletcher and I know that the foundation that has been put in place is one that I can start my journey on.” 

Mr. Oyebode holds Bachelor of Laws degrees from the University of Ife and the Nigerian Law School, a Master of Laws degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and the International Bar Association. He is also a graduate of the advanced management program at Harvard Business School. He holds one of Nigeria’s highest honors, as a member of the Order of the Federal Republic. He is a recipient of the Belgian royal honor of Knight of the Order of Leopold.