Girl Trek: Working—and Walking—for a Healthier Future

As a teacher in Atlanta, Georgia, Teach For America alumna Morgan Dixon was moved by the statistics that when they grew up, half of the girls in her class were likely to develop diabetes. Inspired by this realization and her own experience as an African American woman, she started thinking about the role she could play in changing the future for her students and for women across the country.

In the United States today, 82 percent of African American women are above a healthy body weight. Together with Vanessa Garrison, Morgan took action to reverse that statistic by launching GirlTrek, a movement with a mission to get women walking together in their neighborhoods. The founders believe that once a woman makes a commitment to personal transformation, she inspires others to do the same. To the women of GirlTrek, walking is leadership and self-care is a revolutionary act—for themselves, their daughters, and their communities.

Watch the video above to learn more about Morgan Dixon’s journey from Teach For America corps member to GirlTrek co-founder, and visit to view an extended version.


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