Global Girls’ Education Community Hosts a Call Series Highlighting Advocates' Projects

By Nayvi Pablo, Enseña Perú; Nene Ibezim, Teach For Nigeria; RuSha Adhikari, Teach For Nepal; Temitope Ifegbesan, Teach For Nigeria

The Global Girls’ Education Fellows are staff, alumni, and participants of Teach For All network partners who have participated in the Global Girls’ Education Fellowship to significantly deepen their expertise in girls’ education best practices. During the course of the fellowship, fellows are required to implement a project in their area of interest, designed to improve outcomes for girls and women across diverse contexts.

The Global Girls’ Education Fellowship community chose to organize the Global Girls Education Advocates' Project Call Series as an opportunity to provide valuable feedback to help Fellows strengthen their projects.

In February, Teachers and alumni from across the Teach For All global network participated in the series by attending three 90-minute online sessions. Each session began with interactive team building exercises, afterwhich selected project team leads presented their projects, highlighting the problem they are addressing as well as sharing their challenges and successes. Some of the projects presented include Click - Liderazgo Femenino, a project from Peru, with a mission to strengthen the leadership and talent of Peruvian adolescent girls through the development of socio-emotional competencies that are promoted in schools; Naongea na wewe, a project from Tanzania, that is focused on facilitating quality education for every Tanzanian girl regardless of social, economic, political and cultural challenges; and We Can, a project from India that is working to deliver high quality interactive menstrual literacy sessions to adolescent girls from low-income communities.

All attendees were then invited to provide critical feedback on the projects presented. There was also an open call for partnerships with individuals or organizations interested in working with any of the project leads on their initiatives.

After the call series, many of the project team leads expressed gratitude for the opportunity to get feedback from a global audience on their projects. “The space was a wonderful sharing of ideas and feedback across the Teach For All network,” said Saloni Bhardwaj and Kaveri Dhawan of We Can. “For us, it was very useful to get an objective perspective and ideas for our project.” 

“Our biggest takeaway was when a participant asked one of the beneficiaries who accompanied us to the presentation about her experience, and she expressed how our project impacted her life,” explained the project leads of Click - Liderazgo Femenino. “It was a proud moment for us and it also showed us the real impact of our work.”

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