An Honor Split a Thousand Ways

“From the moment I found out about this honour last year, I’ve thought about how bizarre it is to single out any one person for work that, by definition, is the result of the commitment of thousands. Teach First would not be here without our original ‘Founding Ambassadors,’ or the brave pioneering 2003 participants who proved the skeptics wrong. We would not be making our current impact without the work of our hundreds of wonderful employees, university tutors, in-school mentors, trustees and supporters, financial and otherwise. For this award to have any validity, it would really have to be split thousands of ways.”

In December, Teach First Founder and CEO and Teach For All Co-Founder, Brett Wigdortz, collected his OBE from Teach First patron, HRH Prince Charles. In a reflection on the Teach First website, Brett dedicated the honor to his grandfather and the women who altered the direction of his through opportunity and education. The Teach For All community congratulates Brett for receiving this honor and recognition of Teach First’s impact in the UK.

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