Iespējamā Misija Receives Prestigious Award

November 14 marked an exciting milestone for Teach For All's Latvian partner, Iespējamā Misija. That evening, on behalf of the organization, CEO Marite Seile accepted the Award of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Latvian government's highest honor. 

Since 1995, the award has been given annually to five recipients, following a process in which each Minister in the Latvian cabinet nominates an individual or organization that has significantly impacted the country's development. This year, Iespējamā Misija was nominated by Minister of Welfare Ilze Vinkele for its contribution to Latvia's future by strengthening education as a value and by motivating children to learn.

Marite and her fellow nominees were honored with their awards at a ceremony held during Latvia's week of national celebration, and attended by the nation's entire Cabinet of Ministers, as well as other luminaries and members of the media. In addition to certificates of recognition for their achievements, all of the award winners received a monetary prize to further their work. 

Iespējamā Misija has been enjoying congratulations and accolades from near and far for this well-deserved tribute, and the Teach For All network couldn't be prouder of our partner's impact. Congratulations to Marite and the entire Iespējamā Misija team on receiving this incredible honor!