Leadership for Change Video Series

Over the coming weeks, Teach For All will be sharing a series of videos featuring leaders from across the network who are working to overcome the barriers that prevent all students from receiving the excellent and equitable education every child deserves. These leaders include students, teachers, alumni and CEOs who are collaborating with each other and with members of their communities to transform classrooms, schools, and entire systems in an effort to ensure more kids are able to fulfil their potential.

Watch the video above to learn why the CEOs at Teach For Armenia, Teach For Ghana, EnseƱa por Colombia and Teach For Sweden feel leadership development at all levels and across sectors is crucial to effecting enduring, systemic change in education in their countries and around the world. For more from this series, visit the Leadership For Change Videos page and follow us on Facebook and Twitter throughout the summer.

Educators across the Teach For All network are helping students stay safe and continue to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.