Learning From Student Leaders at the 2016 Global Conference

At the 2016 Teach For All Global Conference in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, last month, students played a central role, as both collaborative participants and inspiring presenters. On the day two of the conference, six students from across the Teach For All network shared their leadership journeys with a room full of literally hundreds of members of Teach For All’s global community. These thought-provoking presentationsall delivered by teenagersoffered vivid examples of the enormous potential in every young person to create change for themselves, their schools, and their communities.

Watch the video above for highlights from the students’ speeches, and the videos below for each student’s full presentation.


“Rather than indoctrinating children by telling them what to do and what to
think, teachers should teach them to question everything.”
— Shashi Thevaraj, Malaysia


“Education should focus not only on delivering knowledge, but also on
developing attitudes, skills, and mindsets through practice.”
— Mirela Ivanova, Bulgaria


“If we always hold ourselves to these idealistic views of leadership…maybe
some people will fall short because it’s too hard, or too scary, to be that person.”
— Joshua Windsor, United Kingdom


“Despite feeling tired sometimes, we always ended with the satisfaction that
comes from not remaining silent, inspiring others, and creating awareness
that promotes transformation.”
— Brahyan Manuel Jaramillo Zapata, Colombia


“We have allowed ourselves to nurture hatred and failed to use unconditional
love at the forefront of everything that we do.”
— Beauclaire Choumkwa Mmbanya, Cameroon


“Instead of thinking about how the kids in my community can’t get access
to the opportunities they deserve, I decided to do what I can…to get these
opportunities to the kids.”
— Priyanka Patil, India


These students and their projects were selected from over 200 submissions to Teach For All’s 1000 Student Leaders campaign.


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