Mike Feinberg "Beyond Z: Lessons From KIPP"

"What can we do classroom by classroom, school by school, to prove that every child from every community can succeed in school and succeed in life as well as any child in any other community?"

In his keynote presentation at the Teach For All Global System Change Conference in Santiago, Chile on April 3, Teach For America alumnus Mike Feinberg reflected on this funamental question through the lens of the evolution of KIPP, the charter school network he co-founded with fellow alumnus Dave Levin 20 years ago. Now at 141 schools and growing, KIPP is a diverse network of schools committed to five fundamental pillars its founders believe are necessary to prepare all students and teachers for success: 

1. More time to learn

2. Choice & commitment

3. Power to lead

4. High expectations

5. Focus on results

View the complete presentation to learn more about KIPP's progress and approach, as well as its global initiative, the One World Network. 

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