More Than a Number

Faolan Jones

“When I first got into teaching I thought success was 85 percent on the state test. Within just a short amount of time I realized that was so flawed. My students are more than a score, they are more than a number and that can’t be the measure of success.”

Taylor Delhagen (Teach For America, 2006) reflects on the importance of empowering your students to critically examine the world around them, rigorously explore values and exercise the perseverance needed to overcome failure.


Part 1: The measure of success

How will you empower your students to create the world in which they want to live?


Part 2: Critical minds

How can we help our students understand the challenges they face within a historical narrative? How can we empower them to shape the future narrative?


Part 3: Understanding empathy

How can you use academic rigor to build meaningful values in your students?


Part 4: Learning how to fail

Do your students have opportunities to practice failing?