Network Partners Present Breakthrough Innovations in Bulgaria

The final day of the 2016 Teach For All Global Conference began with the event’s annual “Network Breakthroughs” session, featuring innovations that were successfully pioneered by network partners this year. Representatives of eight diverse partners presented their initiatives and highlighted how putting energy and resources behind these innovative strategies helped their organizations reach ambitious goals and achieve significant impact.

Watch all eight “Network Breakthrough” videos below to learn more and get inspired:

Adhishree Parasnis, Pune City Alumni Manager, Teach For India
Breakthrough: Teach For India’s Alumni Impact Forum


Tomás Vergara, Chief Operating Officer, Enseña Chile
Breakthrough: Meaningful Futures Project


Marta Pujadó, Head of Training, Empieza por Educar
Breakthrough: Student-Centered Institute


Nedgine Paul, CEO, Anseye Pou Ayiti
Breakthrough: Mixed Cohorts of Current and New Teachers


Martín Fernandez, CEO, Enseña Uruguay
Breakthrough: Interactive Donor Cultivation Campaign


Gina Cicerone, Senior Officer for Innovation Venturing, Teach First
Breakthrough: Teach First Innovation Unit Develops Bootcamp for Enseña por México


Neli Koleva, Director of Public Partnerships, Teach For Bulgaria
Breakthrough: Europe RegionNEWTT Partnership


Asaf Banner, CEO, Teach First Israel
Breakthrough: Developing a Sense of Community


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