Op-Ed: Wendy Kopp and Julia Gillard on Path to Successful Education Systems

TIME Magazine published a co-authored opinion piece by Teach For All CEO and Co-founder, Wendy Kopp, and Chair of the Global Partnership on Education, Julia Gillard, on the importance of developing local leadership in building and sustaining successful education systems. The authors also call on the international community to align global education investment levels with the tremendous impact that stronger education systems grant to nations' economies and civil societies. The following is an excerpt from the article.

It is key that we work toward improved and equitable outcomes to reach a day where all children, regardless of where they were born, can receive an education that empowers them to reach their full potential. We share a belief that, at the center of realizing this vision, are thousands of committed individuals, from teachers and school principals to policymakers, hailing from or intimately knowledgeable about the countries and communities where they seek to make change.

[L]evels of global investment in education aren’t commensurate with the task at hand—or aligned with the tremendous dividends that stronger education systems confer on the economy and civil society more broadly. From 2012 to 2014, multilateral, bilateral, and foundation investments in education in developing countries totaled $15 billion, compared to more than $25 billion devoted to global health. And education continues to receive one of the smallest proportions of requests for humanitarian aid—40% of what was requested in 2013, compared with 86% for the food sector and 57% for the health sector.

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