The Path to System Change

"Warwick Sharp, Pablo Princz, and Mayank Lodha are three examples of the many alumni of Teach For All programs around the world pursuing careers whose focus is lasting and sustainable systemic change in education and the improvement of children's learning environments. While the educational landscape of each Teach For All partner's country is unique, many of the challenges they face—and many of the solutions—are the same.”
Real progress in expanding educational opportunity requires system change. Teach For All partners believe that the key to transforming systems is leadership, and are committed to fostering leaders who begin in the classroom and go on to effect change inside and outside of education. In a recent article on its Corporate Responsibility website, Global Partner Credit Suisse profiled three alumni of Teach For All partner organizations who are working towards systemic change in education in their countries.
In the UK, Teach First alumnus Warwick Sharp helps define policy at the nation’s Department for Education. Across the Atlantic, Enseña por Argentina alum Pablo Princz consults for the Ministry of Education in Buenos Aires. And Mayank Lodha, an alumnus of Teach For India, is a Fellow at the Ministry of Rural Development where he works with the district-level Department of Education to improve learning outcomes for students in the region in which he was raised.
Since 2009, Credit Suisse's foundational support has enabled Teach For All to impact the building of national movements that are critical to ensuring every child has the opportunity to attain an excellent education. To learn more about the work of alumni like Warwick, Mayank, and Pablo, read the full story.
Educators across the Teach For All network are helping students stay safe and continue to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.