The Power of Parents

Faolan Jones

“Our intention with our work
is not for parents to change, what we want
is for them to realize their power.”

RISE Colorado co-founders and co-CEOs Veronica Palmer (Teach For America 2006) and Milagros Barsallo (Teach For America 2009) believe in the power of parents—not only as key influencers of their own child, but also as influencers of schools and influencers of systems.

For some Colorado families, unlocking their own power starts with Parent Opportunity Gap Night led by RISE, but the vision is for families to lead themselves. As Veronica notes, "Our long term vision is for families to come together and identify issues that they can work on together as a coalition to improve academic achievement, not just in one school site but across the city, across the state and eventually across the nation… I truly believe our families are the sleeping giants—once we tap in to our families and all the strength our communities have, education will never be the same."