A Season of Network Anniversaries

Teach For All network partners on two continents celebrated their five-year anniversaries in recent months,  Enseñá por Argentina in May and Teach First Israel in March. Both organizations took the opportunity to recognize this significant milestone in their journeys by reflecting on the progress they’ve made over the last five years and setting goals to accomplish in the next five.

In honor of its first five years as an organization and Teach For All network partner, Enseñá por Agentina held its biggest, most successful gala celebration to date. CEO Oscar Ghillione and the Enseñá por Agentina community were joined by guests including Wendy Kopp, US Ambassador Noah Mamet, the Ministers of Education from Argentina’s Salta and Cordoba regions, and other esteemed members of Argentina’s education and philanthropic sectors. It was a moving night whose highlights included inspirational stories of the program’s teachers, students, and alumni that drew more than a few tears as well as pledges of support for Enseñá por Argentina’s mission.

Over the past five years, Enseñá por Argentina has grown from placing teachers in 13 schools to over 70, and from reaching 1300 students in Buenos Aires to more than 8000 across three regions. It has become known as an effective, non-politicized organization that is expanding education throughout the nation. This year, Enseñá por Argentina extended its operations to Salta and Cordoba and the team intends to continue to establish new placement regions next year. Enseñá por Argentina’s participants and alumni are making an impact leading classrooms and student-focused initiatives. The majority of alumni have continued to pursue careers in education, the public sector, or social entrepreneurship.

This anniversary season has been a particularly exciting one for Enseñá por Argentina. In the weeks leading up to the celebration, CEO Oscar Ghillione gave moving presentations at TEDxRiodelaPlata and Human Camp Buenos Aires about the transformative impact program participants are having on their students, and was featured in an interview by the major Argentinian publication La Nación. In April, Oscar was named EY Argentina’s 2015 Social Entrepreneur of the Year for his work co-founding and leading Enseñá por Argentina.



[[{"fid":"9351","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","filename_field[en][0][value]":"asaf.jpg","field_file_image_alt_text[en][0][value]":"CEO Asaf Banner welcomes the Teach First Israel community","field_file_image_title_text[en][0][value]":"CEO Asaf Banner welcomes the Teach First Israel community"},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":"642","width":"960","class":"media-element file-default"}}]]


Teach First Israel hosted a series of fifth anniversary events, including a conference, a gala celebration, and a retreat for the CEOs of Teach For All’s partner organizations in Europe. Teach For All Co-founder and CEO Wendy Kopp and Teach For All Co-founder and Teach First CEO Brett Wigdortz also attended the events, which gathered more than 350 teachers, Ambassadors (alumni), and other members of the Teach First Israel community in Jerusalem.

Launched in 2010, Teach First Israel currently supports 190 teachers and 205 Ambassadors who are reaching 60,000 students across the state of Israel. In addition to developing outstanding classroom leaders, Teach First Israel is doing a remarkable job of inspiring its participants to continue on as teachers—roughly 80% of Ambassadors are still teaching, including 70% of its first cohort. In the classroom and beyond, the program is demonstrating the impact a motivated and committed alumni force can make—nearly nine out of 10 Ambassadors are currently working in education, 40% in school leadership positions.

With a focus on community impact, the conference provided its participants with a forum for exchanging ideas and experiences around the question of how to bring about real change for students, schools, and the broader Israeli education system.

“This is a community whose members are influencing 60,000 kids every day, a community that made a significant contribution to developing the selection process for principals throughout the country,” Teach First Israel CEO Asaf Banner told attendees (pictured above.) “Now, we as a community need to take the next step—to dare to raise on the 2020 drawing board a picture of a better, more equitable future, for the children who need it most.”

Teach For All congratulates Teach First Israel and Enseñá por Argentina for the inspiring work of their participants, alumni, and staff, and for the incredible progress both organizations have made in just five year. All of us at Teach For All and across the network look forward to continuing to learn from their successes and innovations for many years to come.