Teach For Afghanistan Joins Teach For All

We are excited to announce that Teach For Afghanistan has joined Teach For All, becoming the global network’s 43rd partner. Teach For Afghanistan's mission is to recruit and develop the country’s most promising graduates to commit to teach for at least two years in high-need schools, and become future leaders working, both inside and outside the classroom, to ensure all children are able to fulfill their potential.

Across Afghanistan, 3.6 million school-aged children are out of school, with close to 2 million working—1.2 million of these are classified as child laborers. With 58% of teachers not having minimum required qualifications, the number of students per qualified teacher is the highest in the world, standing at a staggering 111:1 ratio. Given these circumstances and the long-lasting instability and conflict during the country's modern history, Teach For Afghanistan is working to improve the quality of education for all of Afghanistan’s children and break down the barriers standing in the way of their ability to learn and thrive.

“Teach For Afghanistan is honored and feels privileged to be joining the Teach For All network as its 43rd partner,” shared CEO Rahmatullah Arman. “I believe this partnership will help foster the leadership development of our staff and Fellows through connecting with partner organizations across the network and, learning from their experiences and context, as well as sharing knowledge across borders and expanding our access to global resources. This will help increase our reach and positively impact the least advantaged Afghan children, youth, and society.”

Launched in September 2016, Teach For Afghanistan has placed 80 Fellows in 21 high-need schools across four districts of Nangrahar province.  This first cohort of teachers is currently reaching more than 23,000 students in Khewa, Behsud, Surkhoroad and Jalalabad City.

"All of us at Teach For All are inspired by Arman's deep commitment to developing a new generation of leaders in Afghanistan who will devote their efforts towards improving education and opportunity for children,” said Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-founder of Teach For All. “We're excited about Teach For Afghanistan joining our global network and about the chance to contribute to its impact and learn from its innovations and successes."

We welcome Teach For Afghanistan to Teach For All and look forward to learning from and with our newest network partner and the communities in which its staff, Fellows, and future alumni work.

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