Teach For All & Co.Creator Launch Accelerator for Alumni Initiatives

Estudiantes de la Launchpad Learning, uno de los proyectos de alumni seleccionados.

Seven projects led by alumni from across the network were selected for an eight-week Teach For All/Co.Creator accelerator program for entrepreneurs launching or operating social enterprises. The alumni and their organizations were chosen for their innovative approaches to expanding educational opportunity in their countries. Each is supported remotely by a ‘virtual co-founder’ who works with them to outline a program of learning, testing, and iterating that drives significant progress toward their goals. The eight-week program is designed to accelerate the process of refining innovative social enterprise ideas into effective startups and to enable established organizations to scale their impact.

The alumni entrepreneurs and projects selected for the program include:

Joanna Sundharam is a Co-Founder and Head of Training and Operations at Sunshine Schools and a Teach For India alumna. She will use the accelerator to build a chain of sustainable, donor-free schools that provide high quality education at an affordable price to low income communities. This would serve as a model for other entrepreneurs to replicate in their contexts.

Jorge Roldan, an Enseñá por Argentina alumnus, is launching Disruptix, an initiative that aims to generate significant learning experiences by connecting employees of organizations and students through makerspaces.

Brian Gerardo, Executive Director of Baltimore Dance Crews Project and a Teach For America alumnus, will use the accelerator to help bring after school clubs to over 290,000 students in Baltimore who have no access to sustainable after school programs.

Tarun Varma is a Strategy and Operations Intern at Launchpad Learning  in South Africa and a Teach For India alumnus. Tarun will use the accelerator to scale high quality mid-fee early childhood education in urban South Africa.

Florencia Mingo and Pia Cubillos are Enseña Chile alumni who, in their roles at Impulso Docente, seek to deepen their recruitment and support of recent graduate teachers through mentoring and continuing professional development.

Bryan Boyce, the Editor of Cow Tipping Press and a Teach For America alumnus, will further his work teaching and publishing writing by people with developmental disabilities.

Hardeep Kaur and Shiv Poojan, both Teach For India alumni, are working to reduce English literacy gaps in low- to mid-income schools by launching Testify, which provides standardized reading comprehension assessments and data-driven interventions to help students reach grade level.

We’re inspired by the diverse ventures these alumni entrepreneurs are launching, and look forward to learning along with them as they further develop and scale their innovations.

Co.Creator is a worldwide virtual incubator building innovation in a low cost way.  It is delivered virtually, with no relocation required by individuals. Learn more about the incubator here.


Educators across the Teach For All network are helping students stay safe and continue to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic.