Teach For All Contributes to Education Commission Report

The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity’s (The Education Commission) report, “The Learning Generation: Investing in Education for a Changing World,” presented at the United Nations on Sunday evening, includes recommendations for investment in leadership development contributed by Teach For All. The report, which outlines a “vision for the largest expansion of educational opportunity in modern history and the steps necessary to realize this vision,” was presented at an event attended by world leaders and the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City.

The importance of more intentional efforts to develop local leadership capacity and of fostering a global “ecosystem” of organizations that can cultivate local innovation and learning across borders—recommendations that Teach For All made to the Education Commission—were both captured in Recommendation 4 of the report: “Strengthen and diversify the education workforce.”

“The only path to meaningful, sustainable change is through developing strong local leaders who will work from within and outside of our school systems to ensure that children have the education and support necessary to thrive, said Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-founder of Teach For All. “Investing in these leaders, and ensuring they’re informed by a global perspective about what drives progress for children, will enable all of our other investments to pay off.  We’re thrilled to see the Commission’s recognition of the importance of investing in innovative ways to develop and support local leaders and to facilitate their sharing of learnings across borders.”

Teach For Lebanon CEO, Salyne El Samarany, and Teach For India Manager of Student Leadership, Sanaya Bharucha, who both serve on the Education Commission’s Youth Panel, also represented the Teach For All network at the launch event.

“Contributing to the report has further solidified my belief that change is possible—we can unlock the true potential of children everywhere in the world within a generation if all international stakeholders are able to channel the much needed investment into education,” said Salyne. “We need to allocate investments toward expanding and strengthening workforces in innovative ways. Teach For Lebanon and Teach For All network partners are already working toward this.”

“An increase in student leadership, voice, agency, and taking a holistic approach to education by preparing students for life—not only jobs—and refocusing students as change makers, can narrow the gap in educational inequity," stated Sanaya. "I am thrilled that student empowerment has been highlighted in the Education Commission’s call-to-action as one of the key issues around a renewed and amplified effort to collaboratively advance and invest in the potential of every single child.”

Representing the 16-member Youth Panel, Sanaya announced the Grand Prize winner of the Education Youth Video Challenge to the international community.

Teach For All is honored to have contributed to the report and looks forward to the next phase of implementation of the recommendations.

Read the full report and learn more about the Education Commission.


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