Teach For All Included in ASEAN Education Work Plan

On May 23, Teach For All took part in the ninth Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Education Ministers Meeting in Malaysia, where the 10 ASEAN Education Ministers endorsed a political agreement to include Teach For All’s approach, and its expansion in the region, in the ASEAN Education Work Plan 2016-202, which seeks to further develop the region’s education sector.

Within the next four years Teach For All will be engaging with the ASEAN Secretariat and its Member States to collaborate on four areas: (1) raising awareness of the role of leadership in education, (2) policy guidelines and support for alternative pathways to teaching, (3) fundraising opportunities, and (4) knowledge and resource exchange.

Teach For Malaysia CEO, Dzameer Dzulkifli, and Teach For All’s Senior Director of Government and Multilateral Partnerships, Anna Molero, presented the Teach For All network’s approach to developing local leadership, and how partnerships with Ministries of Education support the recruitment and development of promising future leaders into teaching in high-need schools and working to expand educational opportunities for all children in the region.

Currently, there are three network partners in ASEAN countries: Teach For Malaysia, Teach For Thailand and Teach For the Philippines.There are over 350 teachers reaching 40,000 students in these three countries, with 65% of alumni continuing to work in education, including in leadership positions that influence policy.

Teach For All is excited to be part of this collaboration and we look forward to following the progress made in the region in the next four years.

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