Teach For All Joins Global Commitment to Girls Education

Teach For All is proud to join more than 30 international organizations in a massive commitment to advancing girls’ education around the world. Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-founder of Teach For All, joined Secretary Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Julia Gillard to announce The Collaborative Harnessing Ambition & Resources for Girls Education (CHARGE) commitment today at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City. 

“We know when girls have access to quality education in both primary and secondary schools, cycles of poverty are broken, economies grow, glass ceilings crack and potential is unleashed," said Secretary Clinton. “The scale of this commitment matches the gravity of the challenge. Ensuring every girl receives a quality secondary education will take all of us, governments, civil society, the private sector, multilateral organizations, the entire international community working together.”

In 2014, the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution committed to bring together leading public, private and civil society organizations from across the globe to form a collaborative initiative focused on advancing solutions in girls’ education that have the greatest potential for sustainable impact. Through the CHARGE initiative, partner organizations will align individual efforts for improving girls’ education to five research-informed priorities:

  • Ensuring that girls enter and stay in school through secondary education.
  • Ensuring that schools are safe and facilities are girl-friendly.
  • Improving the quality of learning opportunities for girls. 
  • Supporting girls' transition from secondary school to post-secondary school and the workforce.
  • Supporting leaders in developing countries to help catalyze change in girls’ education.

“In far too many places around the world, girls do not have access to the same opportunities as their male peers,” said Wendy Kopp, CEO and co-founder of Teach For All. “If we want to see disparities disappear in our lifetimes, it will take the efforts not only of the international community, but the investment and commitment of the future leaders of these countries.”

Teach For All’s commitment to CHARGE includes ensuring that girls enter and stay in school through secondary education and improving the quality of learning opportunities for girls by accelerating the impact of Teach for All network partner organizations that are addressing educational inequity and expanding into new countries where opportunities for girls are limited. Teach For All commits to investing in and supporting the growth of current and future partner organizations, reaching more than a million children, including at least 600,000 girls, by 2016. These organizations will field approximately 17,000 new teachers, 60% of whom will be lifelong educational leaders beyond their teaching commitment.

Last year at CGI, Secretary Clinton announced the launch of No Ceilings to evaluate the progress women and girls have made since 1995 and to take action to help women and girls become full participants in their economies and societies around the globe. We know that tremendous progress has been made in education — particularly in getting girls enrolled in primary school.  Yet enrollment is just the first step, and despite tremendous progress, girls around the world still face persistent challenges to pursuing their education – the quality and safety of which are not always guaranteed.   At the 2014 CGI annual meeting, No Ceilings has joined with the Center on Universal Education at the Brookings Institution to create CHARGE — the Collaborative for Harnessing Ambition and Resources for Girls Education — a global collective of public, private, and grassroots organizations working to take on the next set of challenges in global girls' education.

Learn more about the CHARGE initiative.