Teach For All Launches Network-Wide Partner Learning Portal

Teach For All is excited to announce the network-wide release of our new Partner Learning Portal on Tuesday, July 29.

We are thrilled to be leveraging technology so that staff of Teach For All and our 34 partner organizations can collaborate anywhere, any time! Nearly 600 staff members from across the network now have access to close to 3000 knowledge resources, as well as key insights about partner approaches to our work. In practice, this means that a teacher coach in rural China can access materials designed by colleagues spearheading new approaches to training and development in similar contexts in Peru, New Zealand, or Nepal, simply by logging on to the Portal. And newer partners, such as Teach For Romania or EnseñaEcuador, can refer with ease to resources created by more established network organizations in their regions and around the world.  In addition, staff members at each of our partner organizations will now have the ability to identify and contact individuals and teams at all other partner organizations, facilitating more efficient direct connections.

“We know that enabling our diverse network of partners to connect with each other more easily and learn from one another directly in multiple ways will help to accelerate their individual and collective impact across the network and around the world,” stated Claudia Lewis, Teach For All’s Senior Director of Content Strategy and Online Collaboration.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Partner Learning Portal is its robust search functionality. Given the thousands of valuable information resources that partners have shared with Teach For All since its launch in 2007, ensuring that these materials and insights are easily identifiable and accessible to partner staff throughout the network was crucial to our vision for the Portal. Now, by searching for keywords, such as “recruitment campaigns” or “alumni profiles,” staff members working in those areas will instantly have numerous resources from across the network at their fingertips. Similarly, thanks to the Portal’s extensive search capabilities, visitors to the Portal can readily identify and access materials created within a specific timeframe or in a particular language or format.

 “The Partner Learning Portal is a tool that will allow partners to share our best practices with each other in order to achieve greater impact," said Fernando Viola, Chief Program Officer at Enseñá por Argentina. “We’ve waited for a long time to have such a great tool, and we’re thankful to Teach For All for making it possible.”

Teach For All is grateful to the Lone Pine Foundation for its support of the development of this vital new means of cross-network learning and collaboration. In the coming year, we will be further expanding the Portal—with additional input from our partners—to include enhanced social features, improved collaboration functionality, integrated event management capabilities, and more.