Teach For All in the Media: PISA and the Global Education Conversation

Since the release of the 2012 PISA results earlier this month, leaders across the Teach For All network have been engaged in discussing the implications of the results for their own countries and around the world. Here are some of the highlights:
The Wall Street Journal published, Let's Call Off the Education Arms Race, an op-ed by Teach For All co-founder and CEO Wendy Kopp encouraging education thought leaders and policy makers to use the PISA results as a catalyst for collaboration rather than competition across borders.
In Making the Grade in Global Education, a program co-hosted by Teach For All and Asia Society, Wendy joined Teach For China CEO Andrea Pasinetti, and Columbia University Teachers College president Susan Fuhrman for a panel discussion about what the results mean for the U.S., China, and education around the world.  
Wendy also joined New York Times journalist Tom Friedman, former NYC Department of Education Chancellor Joel Klein, and Khan Academy founder Sal Khan on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS for a conversation about the U.S. education system and how it compares globally. 
In an op-ed in The Guardian, Teach First CEO and Teach For All co-founder Brett Wigdortz discussed what the UK can learn from PISA, noting that high expectations, excellent teacher training, and parental involvement are key to attainment. 
In response to Peru’s last-place ranking, EnseñaPerú's CEO and CPO Alvaro Henzler and Franco Mosso co-wrote the Poder 360 article Three Thousand 'Ministers' in the Tower of Babel, describing three thousand roles of leadership currently existing in the Peruvian system with potential to effect transformational change and challenging Peruvians to take collective action to drive progress.
Teach For China CEO Andrea Pasinetti and Teach For All board member and OECD PISA expert Andreas Schleicher were guests on CNN On China to discuss whether the success of PISA leader Shanghai's education system can be replicated across China.
In El Mercurio, Enseña Chile CEO Tomas Recart shared how PISA reflects the challenges facing Chile's education system.
Teach For Bulgaria CEO Evgenia Peeva discussed PISA's implications for Bulgaria and the need for strong leaders in schools and education systems in 24 Chasa.
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