Teach For All Presents to European Commission

In October, Teach For All was honored to be invited to present our network model and national approach to the Ministries of Education of the European Union and select European business and social stakeholders. Held in Brussels, Belgium, the presentation followed several meetings between representatives of Teach For All and our European partners and members of the European Commission (EC) that have taken place throughout the year. On behalf of Teach For All, Mārīte Seile, CEO of our Latvian partner Iespējamā Misija; Evgenia Peeva, CEO of Teach For Bulgaria; and Chloe Tait, Associate Director, Press & Public Affairs - External Relations for Teach First (UK) joined me in presenting our Teach For All partners’ shared approach to addressing educational inequity through teacher training, leadership development, and public and private sector collaborations.

During the presentation, the Teach For All delegation shared examples of our European partners’ innovations and successes in their countries, and discussed potential strategies for improving initial teacher training on the national level and establishing alternative pathways into the teaching profession. Discussion also focused on the need to raise expectations beyond simply increased access to education to improved quality of education for all children.

Although the European Commission does not determine individual countries’ education policies, we are confident that this presentation contributed to increasing EU Member States’ awareness of Teach For All’s approach to addressing educational inequity through classroom and alumni leadership, and raised the visibility of our European partner organizations. “I was impressed with the representatives’ keen interest in our work and in the innovative and impactful approaches we apply to tackle the challenges of educational inequity in such diverse contexts across Europe,” Teach For Bulgaria CEO Evgenia Peeva shared.

Our hope is that the meeting will lead to future discussions and collaborations around teacher training, certification, and placement in Europe, and we will be working with our European partners on submitting a project to the EC that would support the design and implementation of a model for alternative pathways into teaching.

“It was both exciting and challenging to present to representatives of such diverse countries and perspectives on education, which was reflected in the wide range of questions we received,” said Chloe Tait of Teach First, Teach For All’s founding partner in the UK. “It will be interesting to see which member states are particularly keen to learn more about the Teach for All approach.”

Teach For All is thankful to the European Commission for inviting us to discuss our approach to expanding educational opportunity, and I’m personally thankful to our European network leaders and their teams for their considerable efforts and for demonstrating our core value of mutual responsibility to further our collective work throughout Europe.