Teach For All Recognized as an Education Innovation

Is there room for innovation in education?  We believe it’s a must.

The term “education” is often defined within the boundaries of traditional national policies—but building a pathway to real reform requires expanding this narrow definition and increasing our focus on innovation. For these reasons, we’re excited to announce that Teach For All was recently recognized as an education innovation by Results For Development and its Center for Education Innovations (CEI).

The CEI, funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, was established with the understanding that while there is a great deal of innovation and activity taking place in education, it has not been systematically documented.  CEI was developed to address this gap and to highlight the innovations that have been most effective in improving access to quality education for all.

It is gratifying to know that the work at the heart of Teach For All’s mission—developing effective leaders who are delivering quality education to the world's most disadvantaged students—is also bringing social innovation to the global education ecosystem. We are honored and humbled by this international recognition.

In its summary of Teach For All, the CEI notes that by documenting and sharing each partner’s successes and challenges, Teach For All continues to evolve as an incubator and catalyst for growth and innovation in the global education sector. Armed with the diverse learnings of 34 organizations on six continents, our partners are able to develop and adapt new and better solutions that can be applied to a variety of education landscapes. Beyond classrooms and schools, Teach For All brings innovation to the forefront of national policy and debate by providing governments with resources for incorporating emerging ideas into national education systems. Teach For All is also highlighted as an adaptable and sustainable model based on public and private sector support that is committed to evaluating its immediate impact on the educational outcomes of students and long-term impact on the leadership of alumni.

Learn more at the Center for Education Innovations website