Teach For All Talk With Ben Rattray

On Friday, September 19Change.org CEO Ben Rattray joined Wendy Kopp for a Teach For All Talk at our offices in New York City. 

With Change.org, Ben Rattray has developed a platform that enables ordinary citizens to effect important change: Nearly 77 million people in almost 200 countries have signed petitions that have led to widespread impact, from inspiring massive companies to tackle climate change to freeing political prisoners. In the words of Time Magazine, “By marrying one of the world's oldest organizing tools, the petition, to one of its newest, the social-media loop, Change.org is putting companies and governments under tremendous pressure to change their policies, sometimes in a matter of a few weeks or less, and it has invited everyone around the globe to participate."

The Teach For All community is excited to learn from Ben’s approach to accelerating change, and his conviction that “Every single person, regardless of the country she’s born into or the amount of money in his bank account, should be empowered to make a difference.” Watch the video of the complete Teach For All Talk above.