Teach For All Welcomes Teach For Ethiopia

We’re excited to announce that Teach For Ethiopia has joined Teach For All as the global network’s 59th partner. Teach For Ethiopia is an innovative social enterprise dedicated to developing leaders who are committed to expanding educational opportunities and raising education outcomes for all children in Ethiopia.

Although Ethiopia has made remarkable progress in increasing primary school enrollment, 2.6 million children of primary school age are not in school, 57% of whom are girls. Of those who do attend primary school, 63% lower primary school students don’t achieve basic learning outcomes. Later, of all secondary school aged children in Ethiopia, just 25% are enrolled in school. (UNICEF).

Teach For Ethiopia believes that while the challenges in Ethiopia's education system are multifaceted—lack of basic educational infrastructure, competing priorities among families and communities, English language struggles that follow students to high school and beyond—one of the biggest obstacles, especially in low-income and rural communities, is the lack of qualified teachers. Today, few high-performing students become teachers, and the teaching profession is neither aspirational nor respected.

Led by CEO Alex Chere, Teach For Ethiopia deeply believes that it is leadership and local ownership that can bring about systemic change, and the organization is committed to developing visionary, compassionate leaders to take on the nation’s education challenges throughout their careers. Teach For Ethiopia will recruit Ethiopia’s promising recent college graduates who will undergo rigorous training in leadership and learner-centered teaching methods before they are placed to teach students in disadvantaged communities across Ethiopia. 

Because boys have historically been afforded more access to educational opportunities in Ethiopia than girls, Teach For Ethiopia intends to support gender equity at all levels to address these systemic imbalances and ensure women and girls are no longer left behind. In addition, teaching fellows will engage deeply with the communities where they work and will incorporate community members’ perspectives in their teaching and their development as leaders. 

Teach For Ethiopia intends to place 21 fellows in schools across the country in January 2021. We look forward to learning with and from them, their students, and the communities in which they work. 

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