Teach For Armenia Joins Teach For All

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We're pleased to announce that Teach For Armenia has joined Teach For All, officially becoming the global network's 36th partner. An independent nonprofit organization, Teach For Armenia was established with a mission to recruit, train, and support exceptional individuals from Armenia and the Armenian diaspora to commit to teach for a minimum of two years in underserved schools, and to become leaders in the effort to increase educational opportunity throughout Armenia.

While a formal education in Armenia today officially extends for 12 years, student drop-out rates are high, particularly in rural communities. Approximately 25% of students from low-income areas do not enroll in high school. The number of students who seek higher education are lower still, especially in rural areas, which account for 36% of the Armenian population. Teach For Armenia aims to expand educational opportunities for children in Armenia by inciting a love of learning and ensuring that all children believe they are capable of attaining an excellent education.

“Teach For Armenia is the spark needed to light up the future of many children in Armenia who would otherwise be forgotten,” says Sam Simonian, founder of Tumo Center for Creative Technologies and founding supporter of Teach For Armenia.

By recruiting young talent and giving them an opportunity to teach in schools, Teach For Armenia will live up to its ambitious goal of creating unlimited potential for Armenia’s future through education. Teach For Armenia is currently recruiting 20 candidates to become the program's first cohort of participants. These teachers will work in schools primarily in rural Armenia, including Tavush and Lori. Teach For Armenia will provide participants with support and training throughout their initial two-year commitment--including coaching, mentorship, and regular classroom support--and will continue to support program alumni as they go on to pursue the organization's mission of expanding opportunity in Armenia.

“I am thrilled to have Teach For Armenia join the Teach For All network,” said Wendy Kopp, CEO and co-founder of Teach For All. “Teach For Armenia joins our network of partners that are tapping into the deep desire of the next generation to have an impact in their countries by tackling educational inequity.”

Larisa Ryan, Teach For Armenia’s Founder and CEO, is deeply committed to expanding educational opportunity in her country. Ryan, who was born in Armenia and studied in the US, joined Teach For America in 2010 to teach special education in Phoenix, Arizona. She taught students with moderate learning differences in an underserved public school before repatriating to her native country in 2013 with a vision to start a program that will provide all children in Armenia with expanded educational opportunities.

“My teaching experience in Arizona made me realize how crucial the impact of one teacher can be. The progress I saw my students making day by day inspired me to return to Armenia and to establish an organization with a similar approach for the children of my homeland,” said Ryan. “I strongly believe that the only way to improve the educational opportunities for all children in our country is by streamlining the some of the best human capital from Armenia and the diaspora to the communities and schools that need it the most. We are extremely excited to be joining the Teach For All network and taking advantage of learning from other partner organizations.”

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