Teach First Launches Fair Education Alliance With UK Coalition

On June 20, Teach First and 23 other leading organizations in the UK launched the Fair Educaiton Alliance, a new coalition for change in education that aims to end the persistent achievement gap between young people from the nation's poorest communities and their wealthier peers. Unified by a common goal, the Alliance will work collectively to find long term solutions to address educational inequality, and will annually monitor the progress made to narrow the gap.

From Teach First and the National Association of Head Teachers, to children’s charities such as Save the Children and Barnardo’s, to business organisations such as BITC and CBI, the launchign of the Alliance marks the first time such a diverse range of organizations have come together to work towards tackling educational inequality in the United Kingdom. Teach First have been instrumental in pulling this coalition together and are now looking forward to driving forward collective change with other organisations.

All members have committed to working towards the Fair Education Impact Goals—five measurable statements of progress that follow the educational journey of a child:

  1. Narrow the gap in literacy and numeracy at primary school
  2. Narrow the gap in GCSE attainment at secondary school
  3. Ensure young people develop key strengths, including resilience and wellbeing, to support high aspirations
  4. Narrow the gap in the proportion of young people taking part in further education or employment-based training after finishing their GCSEs
  5. Narrow the gap in university graduation, including from the 25% most selective universities, by 8%

Created after consultation with over 1,700 teachers, leading experts, charities and businesses, these goals—if achieved—will radically narrow key gaps between poorer pupils and their wealthier peers.

Teach For All is inspired by the Fair Education Alliance's commitment to building a coalition that leverages its members' individual resources and expertise for a greater collective impact. We look forward to following the progress of Teach First and its Alliance partners as they work together to take on the deeply complex causes of educational inequity in the UK. 

Read Teach First CEO and Teach For All Co-founder Brett Wigdortz's op-ed in the Telegraph.

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