Teach For Qatar Joins the Network

This week, the Teach For All network welcomes our 32nd partner, Teach For Qatar, into our growing global community. Founded earlier this year by CEO Mohammed Fakhroo, along with the incredible support of Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad, Teach For Qatar intends to place 30 fellows in classrooms in Qatar in September 2014, following an intensive summer training institute.

Qatar's context is unique to other Teach For All organizations. Despite the fact that it's one of the richest countries in the world, on students’ scholastic performance, the nation ranks among the bottom 8% of PISA participating countries. Like many Teach For All partners, however, there is a disparity between the amount of resources invested in education and the output produced and a great discrepancy between the top performing (typically private) schools and the bottom performing, government-run schools. 

Mohammed and his team believe that if Qatar wishes to transform the nation to a knowledge-based economy and become self-sustainable, it will need to provide all of its citizens with access to a quality education, so that they are capable of academic achievement and aspire to contribute to the betterment of their society and world. By recruiting Qatar’s future leaders as recent university graduates and young professionals and supporting them to become excellent educators in Qatar’s highest need contexts, Teach For Qatar aims to reverse the cycle of education inequity. The Teach For Qatar team have been been actively engaging with the Teach For All model and network community throughout the year and are hard at work adapting the model to their nation's system and context. Teach For All looks forward to the the innovative contributions Mohammed and his team will be making and sharing across the network as Teach For Qatar grows. 

Since its inception, Teach For All has been working with Teach For Qatar to help them develop their business plan and build an organization positioned to thrive. To learn more about Teach For Qatar and the process of becoming a Teach For All partner, watch the video above.

Welcome to the network, Teach For Qatar!