Teach For Romania Joins the Network

Teach For All warmly welcomes its 33rd and newest partner, Teach For Romania, to our growing global network. 

Lead by CEO John Soleanicov, Teach For Romania is working to ensure that every child in Romania has access to a high quality education and the associated life options, regardless of region, type of school, or socio-economic status. John's background in business and banking informed his work on education at the International Finance Corporation, which lead to his current focus on expanding educational opportunity in Romania, where the performance gap between urban and rural students is growing rapidly. 

Low student motivation and socio-economic inequity are two features of Romania's educational landscape that Teach For Romania aims to address. According to the 2012 PISA assessment, Romanian students are the least motivated of all students evaluated from the 65 participating countries. Romania’s high school drop-out rate is significantly higher than the majority of its European neighbors, and of those students who remain in school through 12th grade, just 56% obtain a passing grade on the national high school graduation exam.

Romania’s lowest performing students are largely the casualties of an educational inequity caused by three key factors: 

  • Socio-economic conditions that force students to work in addition to attending school, or to leave school entirely to help support their families
  • Undervalued and inadequately trained teachers
  • Low expectations of disadvantaged students and systemic discrimination against students of ethnic minority backgrounds

Teach For Romania believes that all students in Romania should be held to the same high academic standards. Because success in middle school and on the 8th grade national evaluation sets students on a path to attend higher quality high schools and eventually university, Teach For Romania is focused on reaching them before their teenage years, when the majority of students who don’t complete school drop out.

Teach For Romania plans to place approximately 30 fellows in high-need schools in September 2014, with recruitment activities already underway. Ultimately, the organization aims to demonstrate that underperforming schools and students can excel if given the right opportunity and support, and looks forward to program teachers and alumni continuing their commitment to educational equity by working towards reforms that will change the face of Romanian education. 

Welcome Teach For Romania!