Tough Young Teachers Airs on BBC

"Tough Young Teachers,” a documentary series produced by Victory Television and BBC Three with the support of Teach First, is giving audiences in the UK an unprecedented view of the challenges and triumphs new teachers experience. The series, which premiered on January 9,  follows the journey of six Teach First trainees through one academic year working in schools in low-income communities of London. Each hour-long episode provides an honest look at the intensely demanding, often rewarding daily work of trainee teachers on the Teach First Leadership Development Programme.

Teach First welcomes the opportunity "Tough Young Teachers" offers to raise awareness of educational inequity and start a wider national conversation. "The achievement gap for children from low-income areas is a huge problem in Britain, however it's not one that many people get to see," explains Teach First Executive Director of External Relations, James Westhead. "And so this documentary, we hope, will shine a light on both the scale of the problem and the challenges that teachers and schools face, but also on the incredible work that's being done by Teach First teachers and others to really help youngsters of all backgrounds."

Get to know Teach First participants Meryl, Claudenia, Nick, Oliver, Charles, and Chloe and learn more about "Tough Young Teachers."