Welcome Teach For France

Teach For All is pleased to announce that Teach For France has become the global network's newest partner. An independent nonprofit organization with a mission is to ensure all children in France have the opportunity to receive an excellent and equitable education, Teach For France is the 37th Teach For All network partner and the 15th in Europe. 

“I am thrilled that Teach For France has joined Teach For All,” said Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-founder of Teach For All. “Teach For France joins a growing group of dynamic partners in Europe working to generate greater educational opportunity across the continent by enlisting more of their nations’ most promising future leaders in the effort.”

Inequity in France’s education system has increased significantly since 2003 (PISA 2012). Each year, 140,000 children drop out of the French education system. At the same time, about 12% of qualified teacher vacancies remain unfilled due to a lack of applicants. To make up for this gap, 7.5% of secondary teaching positions are filled by substitutes. By galvanizing and developing a generation of committed education leaders, Teach For France aims to improve educational opportunities for France’s students, incite a love of learning, and ensure that all children believe they are capable of attaining a quality education.

Teach For France will place teachers in schools serving children in low-income communities across the country, and provide them with the training and development they need to help lead each student toward personal and academic excellence. By recruiting outstanding graduates and professionals and giving them an opportunity to teach in schools where they are most needed, Teach For France will live up to its ambitious goal of creating unlimited potential for France’s future through education.   

“Teach For France is taking on the exceptional challenge of changing the country by providing a more equitable education,” said CEO Nadia Marik-Descoings. “We look forward to addressing this challenge as part of an outstanding network that is both a proof point and a condition of its success.”

Teach For France's first cohort will include at least 10 participants who will begin teaching in September 2016 in schools in low-income districts in Paris. Teach For France will provide its teachers with support and training throughout their initial two-year commitment, and will go on to support them as active alumni who continue to pursue the organization’s mission throughout their careers.

Welcome to Teach For All, Teach For France!